• Bridging Urban-rural divide:

    The urban-rural divide can be bridged, only by providing an equal opportunity & real-time awareness to rural youth’s, to compete with urban youth and project themselves as more informative and display better candidature to the potential employers. Along with this we also believe in bridging the socio-economic gap among the urban-rural culture of these youngsters. Which can be addressed if we focus on Un-employability Quotient in the rural areas as compared to urban areas. This can be addressed by bringing about a balance between the two aspects, that is, to encourage the youth from rural areas along with urban and make them understand and visualize, the importance of continuous improvement, Skill enhancements, adding on more corporate and social etiquette for the challenges ahead. We as a real-time platform provide, thorough skills and etiquette through “Skillablers platform”, that will engage, encourage & educate the youth more importantly in rural areas which will equip them to face the real challenges in the corporate world, thus by creating a huge direct impact on the society.